About the Hosts: Ley Esses

My name is Ley Esses. I’m an action/suspense author with a bit of a guilty pleasure in fantasy writing. My focus centers around brevity, momentum, and a cinematic flavor to everything I write. 

I founded AspenHouse Publishing to make sure self-published authors have every opportunity to make their books shine. It’s very much a passion project to help everyone grow in skill. I’ve also written more than 15 novels and published one, Black & White. 

My writing has always been a purely personal endeavor. That’s even my motto: write selfishly. Until recently, I’ve never bothered to publish my works. It’s been an adventure from beginning to end, and I’ve loved every second of it. 

I have a history in news writing professionally, though not as much as Leigh Hull. I directed the technical team, so my strengths socially rest in finding what people are good at, putting them there, and filling the gaps.

Most of all, I enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to helping them pursue their own writing. When people tell me they want to write a book but are hesitant to do so, I tell them they can. There’s nothing bad that can come from completing a book, even if it’s never published. At worst, they get joy from having done something so few people accomplish. At best, they get to share their story, their world, with others.

I want this podcast to be a way to encourage and help those hesitant writers to just get writing. Let each episode be an encouragement or a tool to add to their arsenal of knowledge.

As you listen and as you write, just remember my motto.

Write selfishly.

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