Writing Roots

S37E9 – It’s Published, It Must Be Good

Getting published is really exciting, but it’s not the point of writing. The actual writing is what it’s all about – the daily joy in sitting down to a blank page and crafting something beautiful or funny or heartwrenching or even just blah (depending on the day). – Bridget McNulty

S37E8 – Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

The expression ‘Those who can’t do, teach’ is a curious one, because if you look at the world, you’ll see that teachers aren’t particularly worse at doing things than anyone else, so perhaps the expression might be better worded as ‘nobody can do anything.’ – Lemony Snicket

S37E6 – Characters Must Be Practically Perfect in Every Way

Make him honest. I don’t mean ‘never fish for spare change in a pay phone honest.’ I mean ‘tell it like it is and own up to it’ honest. Readers will forgive a character for any number of flaws if the character is honest about who he is and what he’s doing. – K.M. Weiland

S37E2 – If You’re Good Enough, You Don’t Need a Second Draft

The first draft is for you, the writer; the second and subsequent drafts are for the reader. Trying to do both things at once – figuring out what we want to say, while also fashioning it for another human being to read – is the curse of writer’s block. – Karen Karbo