S37E8 – Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

The expression ‘Those who can’t do, teach’ is a curious one, because if you look at the world, you’ll see that teachers aren’t particularly worse at doing things than anyone else, so perhaps the expression might be better worded as ‘nobody can do anything.’ – Lemony Snicket

S37E6 – Characters Must Be Practically Perfect in Every Way

Make him honest. I don’t mean ‘never fish for spare change in a pay phone honest.’ I mean ‘tell it like it is and own up to it’ honest. Readers will forgive a character for any number of flaws if the character is honest about who he is and what he’s doing. – K.M. Weiland

S36 Bonus – The Dark Triad: Psychopathy, Narcissism, and Machiavellianism

Hannibal Lecter: What if I did it for you?
Clarice Starling: Did what?
Hannibal Lecter: Harmed them, Clarice. The ones who’ve harmed you. What if I made them scream apologies? No, I shouldn’t even say it because you’ll feel – with your perfect grasp on right and wrong – that you were somehow accompli- even though you wouldn’t be.
– Hannibal

S36E7 – Dark Psychology: Writing Realistic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

ELLA: How’s your blog going?
JOHN: Yeah, good. (He clears his throat awkwardly.) Very good.
ELLA: You haven’t written a word, have you?
JOHN (pointing to Ella’s notepad on her lap): You just wrote, “Still has trust issues.”
ELLA: And you read my writing upside down. D’you see what I mean?
(John smiles awkwardly.)
ELLA: John, you’re a soldier, and it’s gonna take you a while to adjust to civilian life; and writing a blog about everything that happens to you will honestly help you.
JOHN: Nothing happens to me.
– Sherlock, BBC

S36E6 – Dark Psychology: The Effects of Imprisonment

BELLE: Who’s there? Who are you?
BEAST: The master of this castle.
BELLE: I’ve come for my father. Please let him out! Can’t you see he’s sick?
BEAST: Then he shouldn’t have trespassed here.
BELLE: But he could die. Please, I’ll do anything!
BEAST: There’s nothing you can do. He’s my prisoner.
BELLE: Oh, there must be some way I can…wait! Take me, instead!
BEAST: You! You would take his place?
BELLE: If I did, would you let him go?
BEAST: Yes, but you must promise to stay here forever.
– Beauty and the Beast

S36E5 – Dark Psychology: Including Munchausen Syndrome in a Story

KYRA: I’m feeling much better now.
MRS. COLLINS: I’m glad, honey. (beat) Time for your food.
KYRA: Can I go outside, if I eat this?
MRS. COLLINS: We’ll see. You know how you get sick in the afternoon. Don’t say it tastes funny. You know I don’t like to hear that.
– The Sixth Sense

S36E4 – Dark Psychology: Brainwashing in Fiction

Steve Rogers: You know me.
The Winter Soldier: No, I don’t!
Steve Rogers: Bucky. you’ve known me your entire life. Your name is James Buchanan Barnes…
The Winter Soldier: SHUT UP!
Steve Rogers: I’m not gonna fight you. You’re my friend.
The Winter Soldier: You’re my mission! YOU ARE MY MISSION!
Steve Rogers: Then finish it. ‘Cause I’m with you ’til the end of the line.
– Captain America: The Winter Soldier