Short Stories Anthology 2021 Writing Competition

Writing Roots, in association with Short Stories Anthology, is delighted to announce a short story competition. We are now accepting entries and are looking forward to reading your stories!

This year, we are organizing a collection using a short story competition open to original and previously unpublished short stories, written in the English language by a writer of any nationality and living anywhere in the world.

Just like all books in the current SSA collection, the main goal of this anthology is to serve as a fundraiser to support our chosen cause, which is currently to raise $5,000 for “Plant a Billion Trees” by Nature Conservancy. All royalties from SSA’s published books will go to that cause.

In 2021, we’ve decided to host a short story competition. The prompt is Escape to Reality.

Escape to Reality

Write about a character who realizes they are trapped in a lie of some kind. Their world isn’t what they thought it was. But how will they escape – back to reality?

Competition Details

Opens: March 15, 2021
Closes: May 10, 2021
Entry Fee: $10

– Original and unpublished short story
– Written in English
– Maximum of 5,000 words
– Accepted file formats: .doc .docx .pdf .odt

Finalists will be chosen on May 30 and announced June 1, 2021. The anthology including the finalist’s stories will then be published October 15, 2021.

A total of 15 stories will be shortlisted and published in the fourth book of SSA’s Short Stories Collection. The winner will receive half of the money made from entry fees, with a minimum of $100 USD. We will keep a running total of the prize money on this page.

Current Prize: $100

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Terms and Conditions

  • There is no limit to the number of entries one author can submit.
  • Submissions will be judged on literary merit, originality, and readability by the editors from AspenHouse Publishing together with the Coauthorlabs team.
  • Once selected, the winner will be contacted by email or Facebook Messenger.
  • Copyright remains with the author, but SSA reserves the right to be the first to publish or arrange a broadcast of selected works. After Escape to Reality is published and released, the author can publish their story on their website or anywhere else.
  • The author accepts that if their story is shortlisted, SSA will have the right to publish it for a profit as part of our ongoing campaign to support whatever charity or cause the community is currently supporting. The author is also entitled to withdraw their story from shortlist if they would not like to support the chosen cause.
  • Submission of a written piece implies the author’s acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • Short Stories Anthology reserves the right to change the prizes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

About Us

SSA is a project designed by dedicated authors to make a difference in the world and created by Coauthorlabs in collaboration with Writing Roots. We are also about to open a new group for volunteer readers who share a similar vision. You can find us on Facebook.

We are an ambitious, mission-driven community of authors and readers with a deep desire and sense of responsibility that drives each one of us to not only make stories matter but to create a bigger impact on the world by supporting one cause at a time.

Humans are hard-wired to give and to make a difference. You don’t need a grand gesture. At Short Stories Anthology, we are constantly finding creative ways of how we in the literary world can contribute in our simple way while doing the things we love most: reading and writing.