Lessons Learned

Finding Perspective

It’s important for writers to remember that their audience experiences the story from the narrator’s perspective. Failing to maintain a consistent perspective is a literary form of whiplash, leaving readers confused and questioning.

The Plague of Backstory

“If it’s critical to the character, it’s critical to the reader, and then it’s not backstory.” – Jeff Kleinman

“The Talk”

As an author, there comes a moment when you must choose if you want to monetize your art.

A Whole New World

Creating believable worlds in fantasy or dystopian or what-have-you writing can help sell the reader on an otherwise unbelievable premise.

Write Terribly

The lesson I most needed to learn was this: just write. It doesn’t matter how bad it is. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense the first time around. There’s a reason editing is a thing, and a reason it’s called a first draft.