S42E3 – Worldbuilding: Make it Small

Zooming in is one of the most powerful tools of storytelling. The same goes for the worldbuilding. Authors can, at times, get wrapped up in the expanse and scope of the world they’ve created – on the geography and cultures, the monsters and heroes. It can be easy to forget the most powerful way to show that worldbuilding is to focus on the small pieces.

By zooming in, explaining something small, you can show your reader you’ve put thought and attention into creating the world. That allows you to skip over those details which don’t matter to the actual story. (This principle was explained well by TikTok user, studentofwhim.)

In this episode, we talk about ways to zoom in, how to go for the emotional impact in large-scale worldbuilding, and focusing on the details that will mean much more to your reader.

First aired April 10, 2023.

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