S39 Bonus – Giving Your Characters Choices

Choices are the crux of your character’s progression through a story. Those choices will paint the picture about who your character is and what is important to them. As the author, it is your duty to actually give your characters an opportunity to choose. Instead of forcing them in the direction that would be good for your story, you need to consider several things.

There are two types of choices you can throw at the character: big ones that impact the plot, and little ones that help define character. Each person is going to make choices based on what they need and want out of life. Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If your character is in need of shelter, they’re not going to make a decision based on emotional fulfillment. Even then, what they choose should be in-character.

In our bonus episode, we break down how to give your characters choices in meaningful ways to both advance the plot and build the characters.

First aired January 28, 2022.

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