S37E7 – Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

If you encountered a fork in the road of your author journey, which would you take? One path appears to be a well-groomed road with guidance along the way. The other looks overgrown with thorns and no clear direction. It seems too easy, right? The obvious answer must be a trick.

Unfortunately, that thinking often leads new authors into believing they must forge their own path to become an author. They think they must not take the advice or suggestions of those who have come before. After all, the old adage says “those who can’t do, teach.” If they’re teaching about writing, they must not be able to do.

This adage is horribly and grossly wrong. There are so many wonderful lessons we can learn from authors who’ve smoothed out the difficult road, making things easier for the rest of us. The lessons they learned stand as signs. All we have to do is listen. In this episode, we talk more about why it’s important to learn what we can from those willing to teach in order to make good progress on our individual journeys.

First aired November 24, 2022.

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I'm an editor and cover designer for AspenHouse Publishing. I am also a host for AspenHouse's poscast, Writing Roots.

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