S37E4 – Other Authors are Your Competition

Few things are more damaging to the writing community than this thought. Other authors are your competition. Not only is that incorrect, it creates unnecessary animosity in place of a supportive system where we can build each other – and our books – up in the eyes of the readers.

It is unfortunate that this idea remains pervasive. It comes from the mislead idea that readers will remain loyal to only a handful of authors, or that they will only consume a finite number of books in their life. While yes, that is true, that doesn’t mean that your book won’t make that list. Treating other authors as your competition actually harms your chances, since there are numerous benefits to working together.

Hosts Leigh and Ley discuss why this advice continues to make its rounds, as well as why the opposite is actually more helpful to your author careers.

First aired November 14, 2022.

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