S36E2 – Dark Psychology: Writing Domestic Abuse

One of the more common types of abuse in fiction is a form of domestic abuse. It can range from physical or verbal, to psychological or financial. For many victims, abuse causes drastic changes in their daily lives, usually over time. An abuser will start slowly and with small things, until the victim no longer believes they can leave.

This episode is focused on discussing the psychology of both the perpetrators and victims. Any abusive relationship is a manipulative process. It starts with gaining trust, then getting the victim to rely upon the abuser. Whenever that trust is broken, the abuse frames it in a way to make the victim feel it was their own fault.

First aired October 6, 2022.

*Warning* This episode deals a lot with domestic abuse of all forms with as much respect to victims as possible. The same care should be taken when writing a relationship like this. If this is a sensitive topic, we suggest skipping this episode. If you are the victim of domestic violence, you can reach out to the Domestic Violence Hotline to get the resources to get out.

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