S34E2 – Plotting vs. Pantsing, Take Two

Plotting or pantsing? It’s a question of how you decide to take on your writing project. Are you more of an architect who builds out a story before you write it, or are you a gardener who cultivates the story as it grows? Knowing which style best suits you can help you maximize your writing adventures.

When we started this podcast, Leigh was a pantser, while Ley was a plotter. In the last few years, both have grown and adapted elements of the other styles. That has helped Leigh publish two books, while Ley has embraced the knowledge that sometimes the story needs to change.

In this episode redux, we take a look at what plotting and pantsing means, how our stances have changed, and give a bit of advice on how to discover the right balance for you.

First aired August 4, 2022.

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I'm an editor and cover designer for AspenHouse Publishing. I am also a host for AspenHouse's poscast, Writing Roots.

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