S33E8 – Avoiding the Info Dump: Within Dialogue

Just because you have a character say it doesn’t mean you’re actually avoiding exposition. In some ways, having a character share backstory information through dialogue can be more annoying than helpful. That’s not to say you should avoid it entirely. You should, however, be aware of the main three problems that come with info dumping in dialogue.

The first problem is that the person your character is speaking to already knows the information, or they don’t need it in that moment. The second problem is that it’s simply out of character. And the final problem is that your character is going into monologue status and talking entirely too much.

In this episode, Ley and Leigh break down ways to find when you’re going into dialogue exposition, and how to fix it so you still get the information across without boring or annoying your reader.

First aired June 27, 2022.

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