S32E8 – The Debate About Trigger Warnings

Content and trigger warnings are becoming increasingly obvious throughout our daily lives. Warnings in the form of ratings have been around for a while on movies, shows, and video games. They’re becoming increasingly popular to include in fanfiction and online writing forums. We even use them on our podcast when we’re going to be discussing more sensitive issues. However, there’s a strong debate in the writing world about whether or not they should be included in published novels.

There are uses to trigger warnings. After all, they help people avoid encountering situations which may bring back unwanted emotions. It’s important to remember that your readers live vicariously through your works, and each one has a unique and varied history they bring with them. However, there’s a strong debate that fiction – especially in literary form – is a launching point for confronting the difficult aspects of the world and our lives. There’s also the possibility that some warnings may act instead as spoilers.

In the end, it’s up to you. But you’ll want to make an informed decision. We discuss the whys and why nots in this debate episode.

First aired May 26, 2022.

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