S23 Bonus – Evoking the Right Emotions in the Reader

Emotions are complicated, difficult things that tie humanity together or break them apart. Emotions are what keep readers invested in stories. Readers will care about the characters and what they experience. Good authors know how to tap into the right emotions to make that happen.

It is too easy to accidentally evoke the wrong emotions. That can happen in a variety of ways, from an unsympathetic main character to poor writing. To tap into the right emotions at the right time – anger when you want the reader to hate a character, sorrow when your character’s heart breaks – is a skill that will take your book from good to great.

In this bonus episode, we break down the four main emotions: anger, happiness, sadness, and fear. Then we dig into how to convey these emotions in a way which your reader will feel them as they devour your books.

First aired May 28, 2022.

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