S31E6 – Artistic Storytelling Through Comics

One of the easiest ways to consume a story is through a visual medium, which includes comic books or web comics. All it takes is a bit of artistic skill and the desire to tell a story. The art doesn’t even have to be detailed or complicated. Take xkcd for example, which is make, usually, through simple stick figures and has been an active and popular web comic series for more than a decade.

Whether you write and illustrate comic books, manga, or comic strips for newspapers, this medium has no bounds in the kind of story you can tell. It’s also a good way to build a dedicated audience, since there is a deep-seated fan culture surrounding each type of comic-based story. We talk in this episode about how that is an advantage, as well as a disadvantage, when pursuing a career in writing.

First aired April 21, 2022.

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