S31E3 – What Makes Playwriting Unique

If you decide to write a script for a play, there are certain things you need to know and understand about the world of stage acting. Though some of the formatting may be similar to screenplays, writing for the stage means giving some of the control over to directors and actors. After all, they’re the ones that will be taking your words and giving them life.

As Brian Greene once said, “Writing for the stage is different from writing for a book. You want to write in a way that an actor has material to work with… and pulling out the dramatic elements in a bigger way for a stage presentation.”

That last part is important. Dramatic elements need to be bigger, need to show up bigger. That way the audience in the nosebleeds can still experience the emotion of the actor. While much of that is the actor’s responsibility, it’s also up to the writer to give them enough room to make it possible. Listen to this episode for more on how to be a playwright, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

First aired April 11, 2022.

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