S31E1 – Storytelling for the Internet: Blogging, YouTubing, and Podcasting

If you’re looking to get into writing but the idea of writing a whole novel is daunting, this series is for you. We’re starting off our series about different mediums for writing by discussing short form mediums written specifically to be shared online. This includes things like blogging, vlogging, and podcasting.

What we mean by a short form medium is a piece of self-contained writing which may or may not be part of a larger series, but which can stand on its own regarding the plot. Basically a bunch of short stories, but compiled together in a place easily accessible to anyone. Podcasting is widely popular for this. Not only do you have non-fiction and educational podcasts like ours, but there are fiction podcasts which tell stories in bite-sized segments for entertainment.

Though there are plenty of advantages to writing something for a short form medium, there are downsides as well, especially depending on where you choose to publish. Hosts Leigh and Ley break down how to write for something like an online blog in this episode.

First aired April 4, 2022.

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