S30E8 – The Odd Couple

One way to keep the tension – whether comedic, romantic, or dramatic – going within a story is to make two characters at odds with each other throughout. Not in the protagonist vs. antagonist way, but in the way of allies working towards the same goal but not always seeing eye-to-eye. This can easily be achieved by using the Odd Couple trope.

The Odd Couple of often seen within comedies and crime dramas. You’ll have the law-abiding, by-the-book character working with the risk-taker with no rules character. They have some reason they’re forced together, when in any other circumstance, they’d likely never have more than a passing conversation.

When using this trope, balance is important. Both of the characters in an Odd Couple situation are equally the main characters. In the end, they both make the other a better person in some way. The focused one will help the zany one rise to responsibility, while the zany helps the focused relax. Listen to this episode for more tips and tricks to writing this plot trope.

First aired March 28, 2022.

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