S30E6 – Heist Stories, aka The Caper

A good heist plot line can fit neatly into nearly every genre of writing. It’s part of what contributes to the trop being such a popular one. There’s something thrilling about seeing a crew of people work together to take part in a crime. When it comes to writing a heist story, there are lots of things to consider.

First and foremost is that it is rarely about the thing they are trying to steal. There’s an emotional connection that at least one of the crew (usually the ringleader) has to who they’re targeting. Or there could be some secondary motivation, something else they hope to gain or achieve.

Another thing that makes heists so much fun is the chance for a big cast of characters. A word of caution, though. Each member needs to have a distinct purpose to their existence within the story. What are they contributing to the heist? Are they the acrobat who can get into tight places? Are the the mind behind the operations? Are they the explosives expert? No matter what, each one needs to have a role to fill to make the plan work seamlessly.

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First aired March 21, 2022.

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