S29E6 – Developing Your Author Identity

A recognizable author identity can do so much to boost your marketing efforts. We’ve talked plenty about finding your target audience, but this is about them finding and knowing you.

There are plenty of things you can do to help build your recognition. One of the easiest, of course, is something visual. Photos are the most common, but other authors have logos (think JRR Tolkein’s signature). This is especially important if you’re writing non-fiction or want to do any public speaking. People need to recognize you.

Other things you can do to build your identity as an author is to have merchandise, themed and focused social media, and open communication with fans. We discuss all these options and more in this episode.

First released February 21, 2022.

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I'm an editor and cover designer for AspenHouse Publishing. I am also a host for AspenHouse's poscast, Writing Roots.

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