S29E1 – How to Waste Money on Marketing

Marketing your self-published book is a pain. For one, it’s completely up to you. Yes, you can hire and pay people to help you, but you don’t have a publishing company to front those costs or give you any guidance. Getting your book into the world is entirely reliant on the decisions you make. Unfortunately, a lot of new authors don’t know how to market, so they end up wasting a ton of money.

The key to marketing correctly is knowing how to wisely use your budget. For one, you don’t want to market to everyone. Not everyone will want to read your book. It means finding who will want to read your book, and making sure they know about it.

Listen to this episode for tips and tricks on how to avoid wasting money while trying to market your book.

First aired February 3, 2022.

Throughout February, we will be talking about marketing your books. This is a companion series to Marketing Your Writing, and will dive into more topics to help you learn the best practices for selling books.

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