S28E2 – Setting Realistic Writing Goals

Writing a whole novel is a huge undertaking. For some, it takes years to complete a single draft. If it gets finished at all, that is. That’s why setting goals for your writing is such an important step in the process. Without realistic and achievable goals to work towards, we can often find ourselves pulled away by other things in our busy lives. Goals can help you focus on your task and then feel accomplished as you make progress.

There are a number of things you can do when setting the goal that will help you become more successful. Rather than saying “I want to finish this book this year,” break it down into chunks. Steps you can finish along the way. The first version is vague and easily forgettable. Procrastinators out there will understand that kind of deadline is too far off to take the steps now. That means setting hard dates and breaking down the book into the steps needed to finish it.

Listen to this episode for more about how to set realistic goals for your writing to help you achieve your dreams.

First aired January 6, 2022.

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