S25E8 – A Guide to Building an Author Brand

Building a brand around yourself as an author is a key element of successful marketing. This is even more important if you plant to write several books or different series. Having an author brand is how you can lead people to all of your books, not just the most successful ones.

A brand is what people perceive as being you. When it comes to retail and large companies, this is often a symbol that can be immediately recognizable, such as a logo. It’s difficult to develop a symbol to represent you as an author, but the idea still applies. It can be the voice you use on social media, what makes you and your books unique, your style of profile photo, and the kind of imagery you share when promoting your books.

When building your brand, consider the authors who you believe share your target audience. Look at the successful ones. What do they do that helps build an audience? What have they done to build a brand? How are they recognizable? Take elements of what they do and apply it in your own marketing process. This can include anything from a website to social media sites, to newsletters.

There’s a lot more to consider as well, such as consistency, ways to get your name out there, and building your own personal schedule. We’re creating a notebook to help you track all of these elements, as well as build ideas for how you want to present yourself in the marketing world. This episode is a breakdown of some of the elements included in that book.

First aired October 28, 2021.

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