S25E6 – A Guide to Plotting the Series

If you think about your favorite books, they’re probably not standalone novels. Many of todays books, especially in fantasy and sci-fi settings, are part of a set. Writing a series, though, can be difficult work. Not only do you need to consider the plot of a single book, but the plot that will connect all of them. This, of course, doesn’t always apply. If you’re writing an episodic series, such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, or Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, then you don’t need to worry about connecting plot threads.

However, if you’re planning to write a complicated series, then keeping detailed notes is a must. That’s where our book comes in handy. In this episode, we discuss the notebook we’ve created to help you plot out a whole series, starting with book one. Like the rest of the workbooks, you can use the ones we’ve created, or use this episode to guide you in the process of creating your own. These are starting points to help you write the best series you can.

First aired October 21, 2021.

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