S25E2 – A Guide to Plotting a Hero’s Journey

One of the most common types of structures, especially in fantasy writing, is the Hero’s Journey. It’s why we’ve talked about it as much as we have over the course of this podcast. As we get further into Preptober, getting ready for National Novel Writing Month, one thing we suggest is to plan out the story you want to write. Yes, even you pantsers can benefit from having an idea of how your story fits into this structure.

In this episode, Leigh and Ley discuss our upcoming workbook designed to help you fill in all of the gaps in a Hero’s Journey as you prepare to write your next novel.

This workbook will be just one in a series we’ll release through the month. Each book is designed to help you plot, build, and write. If you’re a plotter, you’ll probably find the books more helpful before you write. Pantsers can use them to chart and track as they work on their stories. This series, though, is built in a way to help you even if you don’t get the book. You’ll get all the information you need in each episode to help you build your own version, whether it’s about worldbuilding, branding, or creating your own writing prompts.

First aired October 7, 2021.

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Our first workbooks are now available! Check them out here.

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