S23E5 – Using Amnesia in a Story Plot

Amnesia has been used in storytelling for a very long time. Soap operas and telenovelas use lost memory frequently to ramp up the drama in their stories. You can use it to, and for more than just a subplot in your own story.

There are lots of ways to use amnesia. It can be a witness to a crime having to remember what exactly they saw, or a character who lost their memory once they passed through a portal to a new fantasy world. This device is not limited to any genre in particular, which is another reason any author can use it.

Another benefit is that readers usually forgive authors for unrealistic representations of amnesia. In fact, that’s almost guaranteed. Amnesia is rarely accurate in fiction, though it helps to still understand the different kinds in order to tell a good story.

In this episode, we discuss amnesia in fiction and how you can use it for your own plot.

First aired August 16, 2021.

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