S23E4 – Structure with Recursion

One way to play with structure and step outside the normal bounds of linear storytelling is to consider the recursion structure. You may know this best from the film Groundhog Day. Recursion is when at least one character relives the same day (or other period of time) again and again.

This structure really lends itself to a story focused on the character development and story arc. Outside conflicts are usually secondary to the need of the main character to change in some way. The recursion storytelling technique is incredibly flexible, which makes it perfect for nearly any genre.

It’s not, however, a simple and straightforward structure. There are a lot of things to consider and include, like making sure your readers are following easily when the timeline resets. Listen to this episode for suggestions and a full breakdown of what recursion can mean for your story.

First aired August 12, 2021.

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