S22E6 – K/D Ratio: Character Voice

A key to unique characters is to develop and maintain character voice. Think of your favorite books. Can you tell who is speaking without needing to read the dialogue tag? If you can, that means that author developed the character voice.

Each character should have their own unique way of thinking and speaking within the story. This doesn’t mean you need to write in accents or use completely different words. It does mean you need to consider your character. Dig into what they would notice in the world, their education level, and maybe the jargon they’d use. Part of voice is also making sure their motivations are intrinsic in their actions.

In this episode, Ley points out occasions where character voice needed to be tightened up in K/D Ratio. From making sure characters don’t overexplain to making sure the main character’s thoughts are tracking in the right direction.

First aired July 19, 2021.

The episodes in this series, Editing Demonstration, contain spoilers for Ley Esses’ The Modakku Anthologies as well as Leigh Hull’s Gamer Files series. Read them before you listen if you don’t want to have the endings spoiled.

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