S22E4 – K/D Ratio: Setup and Payoff

You’ve probably heard about the trope of Chekov’s Gun. We’ve talked about it here multiple times. The idea behind it is that if there’s something, such as a gun, described in the story then it needs to come into play somehow. It’s the idea of setup and payoff. This can be fairly easy for plotters.

Leigh, however, is adamantly not a plotter. This leads to the opposite problem. Each piece of the story that contributes directly to the plot should have been presented by act one. This can be objects, fighting techniques, or even just character interactions.

During the edits, Ley noticed several scenes that could be improved by using it to prepare for a future scene. Throughout this episode, Leigh and Ley discuss how to make sure the entire story connects within itself, that there is setup and payoff.

These episodes still contain major spoilers for K/D Ratio and Toxic. You can find both on Amazon here. It’s recommended to read before listening to the episodes. Don’t forget to check out Ley’s Modakku Anthologies as well.

First aired July 12, 2021.

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