S22E2 – K/D Ratio: Structural Changes

One major part of the editing process is doing what’s known as developmental edits. These are structural changes to a story. That can be removing scenes or making sure the stage is properly set for the end. As the author, these needed changes can be difficult to see. We get attached to scenes or characters that may have no purpose overall. If you’re a pantser, setting up for the end can’t always happen because you don’t know exactly how the end will go.

Leigh knew K/D Ratio needed major structural changes, but couldn’t identify what changes would be best. She asked her editor, Ley, to keep an eye on what could be changed to reduce the word count and make sure only the relevant information was included. Some of the things they discuss in this episode include combining up to three scenes into one, focusing on tension and release, and setting up to make the final fight move faster.

As a reminder, these episodes contain major spoilers for K/D Ratio as well as Toxic. You can find both on Amazon here. It’s recommended to read before listening to the episodes. Don’t forget to check out Ley’s Modakku Anthologies as well before her episodes begin.

First aired July 5, 2021.

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