S22E1 – Editing Demonstration: Overview

Editors are an invaluable piece of the publishing process. No one should publish without having someone with editing knowledge look at the manuscript. If you think about all of the books with a New York Times Bestselling label, they’ve all been pushed through a meticulous editing process. For new authors – especially self-published authors – that process can be unfamiliar and frightening. It’s difficult to give a piece of yourself – since that’s what our stories are – to someone to be essentially torn apart. That’s good, though. Trust us.

Writing Roots is back! The hosts have published their books and we’ve successfully moved into our new studio. This episode was recorded as we were still getting set up because we were still in the editing process and wanted the recordings to be genuine reviews. This means the sound may be a little rough since we’re still exploring settings, but we’ve done what we can to smooth it out.

In this first episode of our editing demonstration series, Leigh and Ley work explain the process of working with an editor and share key points that needed work from their most recent novels. They explain the process, how each episode will work, and share with each other an overview of what they wanted their editor to focus on through the story. Leigh needed the most help with cutting back on the word count, while Ley wanted advice on the magic system and worldbuilding.

SPOILER ALERT: This whole series contains major spoilers for K/D Ratio by Leigh Hull (along with spoilers for Toxic), and for The Modakku Anthologies by Ley Esses. If you don’t want to have spoilers, click the links to get their books today. If you’re not worried aobut spoilers or have already read the books, enjoy the episode!

First aired July 1, 2021.

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