S17E2 – What Makes a Book Impactful and Unforgettable?

All authors want to make some kind of impact on their readers through their words. Even books written for pure entertainment need to have some kind of influence, even if it’s just for a few laughs. Accomplishing that task, however, is no easy feat.

The question we wish to answer is how to make a book have that kind of lingering impact on a reader. While no genre is the same – and no book, for that matter – there are elements that can be used across any writing. It starts with connection. Listen to the episode for more on how to create that link between your readers and your book that will leave an impression with them that lasts beyond the final words of the book.

First aired December 6, 2020.

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I'm an editor and cover designer for AspenHouse Publishing. I am also a host for AspenHouse's poscast, Writing Roots.

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