S16E9 – Sharing the Spotlight: Including Victories for Secondary Characters

There are some things that can help any author simply write, no matter the genre. We’re sharing with you this month tricks of the writing trade. Especially during November, which is National Novel Writing Month, writers everywhere need all the help they can get to hit that 50,000 word count goal. That includes things like how to write right, filling the middle bits of a book, and making sure to also highlight supporting characters.

It’s time for the end. Protagonists bask in the glory of hard-earned victories, but even with that satisfaction, the ends of books can fall flat. One solution is to give the other characters victories of their own. Many readers find their favorite characters are not the main ones who are the focus of the story, but the supporting cast there to bolster the protagonist and add a little joviality. Listen to this episode to learn how and why those in the supporting cast deserve a moment in the spotlight at the end.

First aired November 30, 2020.

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