S16E7 – Yes, But…

There are some things that can help any author simply write, no matter the genre. We’re sharing with you this month tricks of the writing trade. Especially during November, which is National Novel Writing Month, writers everywhere need all the help they can get to hit that 50,000 word count goal. That includes things like how to write right, filling the middle bits of a book, and making sure to also highlight supporting characters.

There are a few tricks authors can use to move the story along in the slog of the middle of the book. On top of having subplots that can develop, there is a device called “yes, but…” that can give the readers satisfaction while still providing obstacles. Going along with the last episode, this device creates caveats to the hero’s successes in the middle. They accomplish something, but something else has gone wrong as a result. Ley and Leigh break down how to use this device in this latest episode.

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