S16E3 – Between the Lines: Importance of Subtext

There are some things that can help any author simply write, no matter the genre. We’re sharing with you this month tricks of the writing trade. Especially during November, which is National Novel Writing Month, writers everywhere need all the help they can get to hit that 50,000 word count goal. That includes things like how to write right, filling the middle bits of a book, and making sure to also highlight supporting characters.

It’s often the small, untyped details that can make a story. If an author wants a reader to understand something without spending a lot of time explaining, subtext is the way to go. Subtext can allow the reader to understand a character’s fears, thoughts, emotions, and pieces of their history without the author having to go into paragraphs of exposition. It’s a cringe as they see a dog, a wince as someone raises their hand too quickly, a nostalgic smile at the mention of a name.

First aired November 9, 2020.

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