S16E1 – Writing Right Right Now

There are some things that can help any author simply write, no matter the genre. We’re sharing with you this month tricks of the writing trade. Especially during November, which is National Novel Writing Month, writers everywhere need all the help they can get to hit that 50,000 word count goal. That includes things like how to write right, filling the middle bits of a book, and making sure to also highlight supporting characters.

The first step for any author is to simply write. It can be difficult, though, to accept a first draft as a first draft and not a perfected best-selling novel. It takes time. It takes patience. And it takes a willingness to accept that writing right right now isn’t always writing a perfect draft. Leigh and Ley discuss their struggles with the concept and ways you can overcome one of the most common inhibitions for writers.

First aired November 2, 2020.

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