S16 Bonus – Punctuation and Paragraphing

There are subtle things in writing that change the flow of the sentences and paragraphs. Punctuation marks do more than denote a stop or pause. They create a flow for the reader much like musical annotations dictate the rises and falls of a symphony piece. There’s also more to their uses in fiction that what is initially taught in grade school. Along with punctuation, how paragraphs are formatted and split can lead the reader to continuing beyond the breaks, pulling them along with little teases for what’s still to come.

Learning these aspects of writing, though, can be difficult. It’s not as easy because no computer program can fill in the gaps for when to use certain punctuation or when to make a new paragraph. This bonus episode breaks down the uses for different punctuation – and when not to use them – and discusses how to use paragraphing to pull the reader further in the story.

First aired November 28, 2020.

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