NaNoWriMo Writing Roots Giveaway 2020

Hey all, it’s NaNoWriMo!

We wanted to a little something special to help encourage our listeners to finish their novels and put what they’ve learned through the podcast to good use. So we’ve decided to do little giveaway. Well, two giveaways, to be precise. This is completely free to you guys just because we appreciate our listeners so much!

The prizes:

  • A “Write Selfishly” mug or T-shirt of your choice + an autographed copy of Toxic by Leigh Hull
  • A “Write Selfishly” mask + the complete, autographed Chroma Series by Ley Esses

To enter:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Find one of us on the NaNoWriMo website (Ley Esses or Leigh Hull)
  • Message us at one of these locations to let us know you’re entering the drawing
  • For every day in November that you write at least 1,667 words, we’ll put your name in the drawing. Once you hit the 50k word count goal of NaNoWriMo, you’ll automatically get tickets for the remaining days in November, plus an additional five entries.

We’ll do the drawing on Facebook Live on Friday, December 4th at 6:oo p.m. PST.

NaNoWriMo Plans

Ley and Leigh will be working along side each of you this month, working on their own books. Leigh will be starting the first draft of K/D Ratio, book two of the Gamer Files and sequel to Toxic. Ley will be working on her in-progress work, Maidens and Monsters, all about the end of magic on Earth in the 1500s.

We’d also love to hear what you’re plans are for NaNo! Are you starting something new? Are you working on individual short stories throughout the month? Are you hoping to finish that book you’ve been working on for a year now? Let us know on our Facebook page!

May the words be ever in your favor, and as always, write selfishly.

About the Author
Ley is an editor and author of action/suspense novels.

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