S15E8 – Ghosts and Hauntings with Lori Juszak

From those that go bump in the night to ones that offer hope, mythical creatures and monsters are abound in fiction. You can find them in anything from horror to science fiction and fantasy. But where do our ideas for creatures to scare or inspire come from? Throughout October, Writing Roots will be delving into the myths of monsters across the world to help bring inspiration for anyone seeking to write a classic creature or one with a bit of a twist.

Ghosts and spirits are a staple for the Halloween season. In some places, though, it’s believed that ghosts are a part of normal existence. Many people have had their own spectral experience. That means there is a lot to work with for authors hoping to venture into the spooky realms of writing. We invited ghost tour guide Lori Juszak to discuss her experiences with ghosts and to get a look into the world of searching for the phenomena.

Ghosts of Fort Collins

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