S14E8 – Artists with Travis Micheal

Characters in any genre need to have skills that contribute to their purpose in the story. That could come from their profession or even a hobby. Whether it’s a cop in a mystery or a field medic on a medieval battlefield, there are things authors can learn from modern experts to develop realistic characters. This month, Ley and Leigh sit down with experts in fields from biochemistry to journalism and talk about important aspects of those skills authors should know.

Sometimes you’ll fine yourself needing a character that is a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades (or a Jane-of-all-trades). There’s a reason another term for this kind of character is a renaissance man. We brought Travis Micheal into the studio to discuss his own talents, focusing mostly on music composition. On top of composing, he is also a chef and theater performer.

Find Travis on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram.

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