S14E7 – Performance Arts with Linda Bott

Characters in any genre need to have skills that contribute to their purpose in the story. That could come from their profession or even a hobby. Whether it’s a cop in a mystery or a field medic on a medieval battlefield, there are things authors can learn from modern experts to develop realistic characters. This month, Ley and Leigh sit down with experts in fields from biochemistry to journalism and talk about important aspects of those skills authors should know.

Many of the most charismatic characters in a book are performers of some kind. They could be actors, musicians, or teachers with a lot of flare (looking at your, Lockhart). There are certain aspects to a performance artist that apply no matter which category they fit into. We talked with Linda Bott to talk about common attributes and about things authors should know when they tackle these complicated characters.

First aired September 24, 2020.

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