S13E6 – When Continuity Breaks

Diagnosing problems in writing can be one of the most difficult tasks for any author. The creators are most often blinded to their own shortcomings. Readers may notice when something is awkward or boring while the author thinks it’s one of the more interesting excerpts. The August series is dedicated to diagnosing these problems, from continuity errors to gaps in logic the readers will inevitably question.

When a reader hits their stride in devouring a book, the last thing any author wants is to break their concentration. One of the most common ways to pull a reader out of a story is by breaking the continuity. This can happen within a scene – such as a character standing twice – or across the whole book. Continuity problems will confuse or even annoy some readers. In this episode of Writing Roots, we discuss how to find and fix continuity breaks.

First aired August 20, 2020.

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