S12E7 – Getting the Most Effective Reviews

The dream of many writers is to become well-known and bestselling. Unfortunately, just writing the story isn’t enough. In the world of self-publishing, it is up to the author to get their books to sell. Not an easy task when that author is also still trying to write more. This month is focused on marketing, that step just before and after publishing. Topics will include using social media, where to publish and sell, and creating interesting ads that will draw potential readers to a book.

As the quote of this episode says, there is no substitute for quality when it comes to people enjoying a story, but there are certain tricks of the trade to help get the best reviews. It comes down to finding the right audience and making sure they’re the ones that find the book or published work. Additionally, sometimes a bad review or two isn’t a bad thing, so long as you have many good reviews. This episode explains why.

First aired July 23, 2020.

About the Author
Ley is an editor and author of action/suspense novels.

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