S11E3 – Kiss: Why and How to Include Romantic Subplots

There are all kinds of four-letter words people consider to be bad. In writing, those four-letter words aren’t the traditional ones most people think about when they hear the phrase. The four-letter words of writing are the difficult topics to consider, write about, or simply just to do. None of the words are bad, but can be frightening for new authors or authors unfamiliar with certain topics. They are all something that needs to be addressed, at least, and decisions made on how to use them to the author’s advantage. Through June, this podcast will be breaking down those difficult words, such as edit, time, LGBT, and best.

It’s one of the most common themes in stories going back to ancient days. Nearly all stories have some kind of romance whether or not it’s the main focus. Part of that is because love and affection are near universal emotions. Everyone at some point has felt it, longed for it, or felt the heartbreak of losing it. Readers can easily connect with the characters if they can understand some of their emotions. But it doesn’t have a place in every story. This episode helps break down when and how to properly use a romantic subplot in all fiction genres.

First aired June 8, 2020.

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