S10E8 – Character Archetypes

Characters are the base of any story. Without well-developed characters, the plot will always fall flat. This series is dedicated to creating realistic, believable, and deep characters. It means getting to know them on a personal level. It takes developing more than their powers or strengths, but their flaws. It’s not easy but it is possible, even for those pantsers.

Many characters fall into definable categories. The hero, the magician, the jester, the hermit. These are archetypes any author can use as they create and develop their own characters. It’s no longer a time for Greek epics where the heroes seem to be cookie-cutter versions of the same person, but that doesn’t mean similar basics can’t be used to start. Readers can connect more quickly to characters when there’s an archetype they’ve seen before. This episode explains some archetypes and how to correctly use them in a story.

First aired May 28, 2020.

Twelve Common Archetypes – Writers Write

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