S10 Bonus – Character Interviews

Characters are the base of any story. Without well-developed characters, the plot will always fall flat. This series is dedicated to creating realistic, believable, and deep characters. It means getting to know them on a personal level. It takes developing more than their powers or strengths, but their flaws. It’s not easy but it is possible, even for those pantsers.

It’s time to put the hosts to the test. How well do they know their own characters? Character interviews are useful tools for authors to create, learn about, and refine their original characters. Even if all of the details aren’t included in the text of the story, the knowledge can inform the actions and attitudes of the characters. In this month’s bonus episode, Ley and Leigh quizzed each other about one of their original characters then had to guess which one the other was representing.

First aired May 30, 2020.

Below are some of the questions asked in this podcast. Questions are separated by category based on the podcast episodes from the rest of the month.


  • What are your character’s stats? (age, height, weight, etc.)
  • Does your character have any nicknames?
  • What era/genre is your character in?
  • Do they wear glasses or contacts?
  • Do they have any defining scars, birthmarks, or tattoos?
  • What is their preferred clothing style?

Dungeons and Dragons

  • What is their strongest D&D attribute? What is their weakest?
  • What is their weapon of choice? Armor of choice?
  • Do they have any special training or education?
  • Do they speak any other languages?
  • Do they play any instruments?
  • What is their most treasured possession?
  • How would they like to die?


  • Do they have any family still alive?
  • Who is their favorite family member?
  • Is there someone they most admire?
  • Do they have a first kiss or a love they could never forget?


  • What do they have a knack for?
  • Do they have any hobbies they’re naturally inclined toward?


  • What is their cornerstone memory?
  • Is there a moment in their life they wish they could experience again? Is there a moment they’d never return to or wish they could forget?
  • Do they have a favorite form of entertainment? (movies, songs, reading, etc.)
  • Is there something in their past they are ashamed of?
  • What is their first childhood memory?
  • Has anyone saved their life?


  • What would they change about themselves?
  • What is their least favorite body part?
  • What is their biggest weakness that keeps them from achieving their goals?


  • What do they hope people appreciate about them?
  • Would they attend their own funeral? What would they want people to say?
  • How do they solve problems? (attack head-on, stop to analyze, etc.)


  • Are they a natural leader, or do they tend to follow?
  • What kind of mother/father are they? (Mama bear or “everyone gets the same number of sprinkles”)
  • Do they fight, flee, or freeze when faced with a fight?
  • If they were in a Hogwarts House, which would it be?
  • Do they have a spirit animal?
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