S9E9 – Suspension of Disbelief

There are some crimes people can commit that aren’t punishable by law. This series is dedicated to those involved with writing, whether they be committed by the author or the readers. To be clear, this series isn’t designed to help writers better create crimes (murder, theft, etc.) within their novels. The kinds of crimes we’ll talk about range from boring the readers to abusing the control you have over the book and characters.

Nothing can pull a reader out of a book faster than breaking their suspension of disbelief. When someone picks up a book, they agree to accept the impossible, but within certain limits. Authors can push the boundaries of that suspension by writing too many impossible things within the world that has been set. Ley and Leigh break down the most common ways authors get the readers to set the book aside.

First aired April 30, 2020.

About the Author
Ley is an editor and author of action/suspense novels.

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