S8E5 – The Mystery Genre

Genres can be tricky things for new authors. The genre often determines the audience, writing style, and even basic themes contained in the book. Many new authors ask in forums across the internet which genre is best for their book. This series is dedicated to those authors, in hopes of answering those questions. Each episode will break down a different genre, from the expected word count to the sentence structure.

Books should be filled with questions and intrigue, but no genre can do it quite as well as mystery. It is in the name, after all. From amateur sleuth to police procedural, the mystery genre is filled with tales of “whodunit.” This episode breaks down what kinds of mysteries are out there and what is expected for authors who venture into the wildly popular genre.

First aired March 16, 2020.

About the Author
Ley is an editor and author of action/suspense novels.

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