CoroWriMo: Stay Creative While Flattening the Curve

Across the world, people are being encouraged to stay inside and maintain social distancing due to the outbreak of the novel corona virus, COVID-19. This means a lot of businesses are closing up shop, schools are out for an indeterminate amount of time, and people are feeling stuck in their homes. While this is bringing hardship to many, there are ways to remain productive while flattening the curve.

A friend of mine recently suggested in our group chat to start a CoroWriMo (she’d seen it on other parts of the internet as CoroNoWriMo). We are each setting individual weekly goals for something creative. It’s not limited to just writing, though the name is derived from the National Novel Writing Month’s abbreviation. The idea of CoroWriMo is to encourage people who have more time on their hands than usual to pursue creative ventures they’ve been procrastinating.

Your goal can be simple. Think of what is just beyond what you think you’re capable of at this time, then reach for it. Try to write 500 words a day. Write a chapter a week. Make progress on that art project. Pick up a new creative hobby you can do from home. The world is your canvas.

Please stay healthy, keep distance from each other, and get creative. Write. Draw. Paint. Use this extra time to fill your life with something you enjoy to chase away the fear and worry. Creativity is a wonderfully cathartic solution.

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