Writer’s Retreat: Cover Design

Covers really do make or break a book’s success. As much as people like to say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” that’s exactly what we do. We’ll pick up books with covers that look interesting or amazing, and we’ll shun books with boring or confusing covers.

There are also lots of things to consider when creating a design that’s right for your book. That includes audience, genre, colors, art style, fonts, schedule, and budget.

At the 2019 AspenHouse Writer’s Retreat, Leigh Hull shared a bit of her expertise on how to create a cover that works for your audience. Find the slideshow below.

The audio has been added. Understand as you listen it was recorded outside at the retreat, located in the mountain forest. There will be background noises of all kinds.

Thanks to Introvert Doodles for the wonderful comic about judging book covers.

The video used in this presentation was Hank Green’s Ranting about Books.

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